Building your support team guides



Choosing an accountant (2 page PDF 190KB)

Finding the right accountant at the early stages of setting up your business can be a crucial factor in its success. It’s important to find someone who suits the needs of your business and with whom you can develop a good working relationship.

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Choosing a financial lender (2 page PDF 240KB)

Part of starting out is finding the money required to turn your idea into a business. Sources of finance can range from banks, financial institutions and crowd funding, to family and friends. In deciding how you will finance your business, regardless of source, there are some key aspects to consider.

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Choosing an industry or business association (2 page PDF 180KB)

An industry or business association (or group) brings together like-minded people who are connected by industry, profession or geographical area. The role of associations is to protect and promote the interests of their members and provide access to industry-specific information and training. Industry associations differ from chambers of commerce and business associations, the latter two representing the interests of businesses within a particular region, even though they may belong to different industries.

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Choosing a lawyer (2 page PDF 180KB)

A lawyer can help you to review and negotiate leases, contracts and other documentation; ensure your business is legally compliant; and assist you in protecting your long term business interests.

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Choosing suppliers (2 page PDF 180KB)

Establishing positive and mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers is crucial to the success of your business. The foundation of solid supplier relationships is having well-defined expectations in relation to quality, delivery and payment terms.

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Choosing a website professional (2 page PDF 190KB)

Deciding who to use to develop your business website can be confusing. While you can build your own website, there are advantages in hiring expert help; allowing you to focus on running your business.