Grants and tenders

Having access to finance and business opportunities is an important part of running a successful business.

Business grants

Most government assistance for small business is in the form of free or low-cost advisory services, information or guidance. However you may be eligible for a grant in certain circumstances, such as business expansion, research and development, innovation or exporting.

You can search a full database of federal, state and local government grants using this online grant finder, or for federal government grants only visit the GrantConnect website. Both are a free service.

Read our frequently asked questions about government grants to find out more about the grants available to start or run a business.

TIP: You may be approached by organisations claiming to offer exclusive access to government grant information in exchange for a fee. Information about government grants is free of charge and available to all businesses. Each grant will have eligibility criteria that you need to meet in order to apply.


Tenders are written offers to supply a specified good or service. Tendering is used by:

  • government departments and agencies
  • private sector businesses

Tender processes and documentation can vary depending on the level of complexity or risk involved in supplying the goods or services.

Western Australian State Government tenders

All WA State Government departments and agencies must advertise tenders over a certain threshold on the Tenders WA web portal. You can register on this site and receive notifications of advertised tenders relevant to your business or industry. Information on the process of tendering for agency contracts can be found at the Department of Finance Government procurement website

The Department of Finance has a guide to supplying to government which outlines Government procurement policies, information on the tendering process and tips on how to submit a response. Free seminars to help you get started are available for metropolitan businesses through the Department of Finance. 

TIP: Aboriginal businesses are encouraged to register on Supply Nation's Indigenous Business Direct and the Aboriginal business Directory Western Australia.
These directories allow Government and private organisations to procure directly with registered businesses. 

Western Australian Local Government tenders

Local Government tenders are usually advertised in The West Australian newspaper every Wednesday and Saturday.

The Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA) has a Preferred Supplier program for businesses that want to supply to local governments.

You can also register at no charge to receive notifications of WALGA calls for tender within nominated category areas on Tenderlink.

Federal Government tenders

A current list of Australian federal government tenders is available from AusTender.

You can download their Guide to Selling to the Australian Government for more information.