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Looking for the latest information to help you run a business in Western Australia? The SBDC Blog provides practical support and advice to help you make the most of your business.
12 August 2021

5 things to know before signing a lease

Signing a lease is a big commitment for any business. Here are our top five things you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

09 August 2021

3 good reasons to run your business from home

Want to have more flexibility and reduce your operating costs? Here are three reasons to run your business from home

05 August 2021

3 steps for getting building damage repaired

If you’ve found yourself with a leaking roof or damage to your business premises, follow these tips to get it repaired asap.

20 July 2021

New local governments start Approvals Program journey

Three new local government authorities are commencing the SBDC’s Small Business Friendly Approvals Program to streamline their licencing and approvals processes.

19 July 2021

Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants

The Western Australian Government has announced targeted Small Business Lockdown Assistance Grants to assist small businesses affected by the recent Perth and Peel lockdown.

14 July 2021

Take these 3 steps this week towards the business of your dreams

How can you effectively set goals in your business? We spoke to Trevor Flint, founder and director of Capstone Associates.

13 July 2021

Here are 3 things to do if goods are left on your business premises

Find out more about the process of handling uncollected goods on your business premises, including when you may be able to sell or dispose of them.

07 July 2021

How to be your own health and safety officer, manager and department

Follow these tips to help you effectively oversee occupational health and safety matters in your business.

05 July 2021

Is it time to raise your prices?

Regularly reviewing your business costs and raising your prices is good practice to stay profitable. Follow our three steps to see if it is time to review pricing for your business.

02 July 2021

Message for small business owners in a new financial year

This week marks the start of a new financial year, which is often a time for small business owners to take a breath after the frantic end of tax year rush, and make plans for the time ahead.

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