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A montage of photos of small business owners with the caption 'Stories you loved in 2020. Discover the most popular stories from the SBDC Blog during the past 12 months'.

Stories you loved in 2020

2020 was an unprecedented year for us all. Small business owners in particular were presented with a number of challenges.

It’s no surprise that pandemic related information dominated the SBDC Blog and articles looking into COVID-19 topics were the most widely read category during the year.

As we enter the new year with renewed optimism of what lies ahead, we look back at the stories you loved most in 2020, including those that were pandemic related, had nothing to do with coronavirus and some old favourites that continue to be popular amongst our readers.

Top 5 COVID-19 related articles

Between JobKeeper, JobSeeker and JobMaker (and all the other stimulus measures provided by the federal and state governments in 2020), it was hard to keep up and understand all of the initiatives available to the small business sector.

We’re sure you won’t be surprised to read that our articles highlighting government stimulus measures and providing a run down on how they work were the most popular stories on our blog in 2020. The top five were:

  1. Australian Government small business stimulus/relief package
  2. JobKeeper Payment: key questions answered
  3. WA Government small business stimulus/relief package
  4. Commercial tenancy legislative changes
  5. Latest developments on coronavirus restrictions

Top 5 business as usual stories

  1. Preparing for WA’s new container deposit scheme
  2. Extended Christmas trading hours
  3. Things to know when starting a food truck business
  4. Is it a hobby or a business
  5. Changes that may affect your business from 1 July 2020

Top 5 from the SBDC Blog archive

We love to see that stories from our archives continue to be popular with small business owners. The stories that you keep coming back for include:

  1. The instant asset write-off explained
  2. How to turn your business idea into a career
  3. How to calculate your hourly rate
  4. Claiming tax deductions on client gifts
  5. How to know if your business idea will work

We hope you benefited from our SBDC blogs in 2020 and hope you continue following our articles written specifically for WA small business owners in 2021.

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